What Is a Buyer Journey and Why You Should Create One?

Every single purchase happens at the conclusion of a buyer journey. Yes, even your impulse buys on Amazon. No matter what you need, you go from learning about a product to deciding to hand over your money. And if the decision seems easy, that’s because someone successfully sold their product to you. As a business owner, it’s important to flip the script and envision how your customers move from Awareness to Decision. This is the buyer journey, and understanding how it works for your target audience is crucial to your business’s success.

The Steps in a Buyer Journey

It may seem excessive to call the buying process a journey, but that’s typically what it is. Just as in our favorite adventure stories, the hero (your customer) starts out on a quest to solve a problem. As they seek a solution, they encounter the usual characters: the villain who’s making the problem worse, the wise guide who helps them along, and the magical amulet (or whatever) that will...

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