10 Steps to Launch a Course on Kajabi


Whether you’re building a content-based business or simply want to create passive income streams, an online course is an excellent idea. Unlike traditional courses in which you’re present for every lesson, Kajabi courses allow you to share your expertise 24/7. For a full-featured course platform that integrates with your email marketing, look no further than Kajabi. Here’s how to get started with your very first course. 

Step 1. Develop Your Course Content 

Before you start digging into Kajabi, map out your course and target personas. The more you can plan out in advance of uploading content to the Kajabi learning platform, the better. You’ll need to connect your material across different parts of the platform, so it’s worth your time to fully flesh out your course before logging on.

In the Information Age, people are often reluctant to pay for content they could find for free. You should have a deep understanding of your ideal students...

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