Best Practices for Email List Management

So, you’ve been growing your mailing list and are delighted with the results. Now you face a new problem: you’ve got hundreds of email addresses captured from various sources, with zero organization scheme to manage them. How can you target different people on your list with the right messages? What happens if addresses on your list go bad? And how can you reduce the dreaded unsubscribes? 

Understanding how to manage your email marketing lists will not only help you keep your subscribers engaged, but also save yourself the headache of dealing with an unwieldy spreadsheet. Here are the best practices you should adopt to keep your lists healthy and happy.

Segment Automatically

If you’re collecting email addresses from a single source and don’t need to send out various funnels to your subscribers, you can probably get away with an unsegmented list. Most businesses, however, don’t meet this requirement. You have new leads, abandoning leads, existing...

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How to Grow Your Email List Quickly: Top 3 Proven Ways to Get Subscribers

Another holiday season is upon us — and this year, it’s more important than ever to laser-focus on your audience for your seasonal campaigns. Experts expect online shopping to be bigger than ever. But, If you don’t stand out, your messages will likely drown in an unprecedented sea of digital marketing content.

Now is the time to act if you want to get active, engaged subscribers on your email marketing lists. No need to panic about where to get email marketing lists or how to convince people to subscribe. Here are proven ways to grow your email list fast

Create a Can’t-Miss Lead Magnet

Everyone knows that a lead magnet is a great way to build your list. Naturally, that means every brand now has one. These “freebies” are cluttering the Internet, and it seems as though every website has a pop-up begging for your email address. The problem is, these lead magnets tend to be stuffed with generic content that could easily be discovered with a...

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