Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2021?


In a world of Snapchat, TikTok, Clubhouse, and countless other social platforms, it’s tempting to imagine that traditional digital marketing is on its way out. Are email newsletters, websites, and plain old Facebook too old-school?

Many people consider email marketing to be the original form of digital marketing, and it’s stood the test of time. There are so many ways people can engage with a brand, but studies show the one place they consistently check is their email.

Still, the question remains: does email marketing still work? It may need some tweaking to be effective in 2021. Let’s take a look.

A Flood of Emails

As you may have noticed, in 2020, more brands shifted to a heavy digital/virtual presence due to the pandemic. Even brands that were already big on e-commerce and e-marketing were ramping up their efforts to connect with people who were bored at home. But even though more people are resuming (semi-)normal activities, email-checking is a nearly...

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Email Analytics: The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing Analytics: The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing Metrics

Meta description: Open rate, CTR, click-to-open rate...knowing how to analyze your email marketing campaigns can be tricky. Here are details on each metric and how to improve. 


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It’s not always easy to understand how your email marketing campaigns perform. Which is more important: open rate or clickthrough rate? Is it always a bad thing when someone unsubscribes? Many people have major misconceptions about their email marketing analytics, leading them to make poor decisions in their campaigns.

The truth is, your metrics are only half the story. To get better results from your email marketing, you need to know how to analyze those numbers. If you don’t know how to put a metric in the context of your...

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7 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

This year, marketers are facing an unusual holiday season: it’s the end of what many have described as the worst year in recent history, while economic struggles and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact people’s lives. Consumers are eager to make the most of their holidays, and that means it’s more important than ever to connect with them. Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, the upward trend of online holiday shopping is expected to continue. Here are eight tips for your holiday marketing campaigns.

Focus on Human-Oriented Content 

After months spent indoors and with the holidays fast approaching, people are craving human connection now more than ever. Give them what they want: send emails that feature real photos and videos of their fellow customers, as well as your team! Here are some ideas:

  • collect user-generated content via social media, e.g. ask people to share selfies with one of your products, then feature your favorite submissions in your...
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Your Ultimate Checklist for Black Friday Prep

It’s been a good year for online selling, and this year, the holidays are going to push the numbers even higher. Black Friday is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Is your business ready for it?

With so many brands promoting online sales and trying to make up for poor earnings during the pandemic, it’s crucial to have a strong connection with your email subscribers. Getting right into customers’ inboxes will help you cut through the noise. However, a poorly executed marketing campaign could backfire, which is definitely not something you want for the holiday season! 

Here’s my holiday email marketing guide to prep your email campaigns for Black Friday — and get ready to run your best holiday campaigns ever!

Prune Your List

Black Friday email campaigns tend to suffer from poor open rates. It’s no surprise: more than 95 million emails go out every day from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday! However, when it comes to clickthrough...

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